Rohit Gupta
What are Java Classes?
By Rohit Gupta in Java on Sep 10 2019
  • Vijay Kumari
    Sep, 2019 10

    Java class is the basic concept of object-oriented programming language. Java class is a user-defined template or blueprint where objects, data members and methods are defined and a set of instructions to build a specific type of object. The variables and methods of the same Java class are common for all the objects of the class.
    In Java, the class keyword is used to define a Java class.

    For a detailed tutorial on Java classes, visit

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  • Laxmidhar Sahoo
    Dec, 2019 22

    Class : class can be defined as a template/blueprint that describes the behavior/state that the object of its type support.
    One can simply called as a user define datatype.

    Types of classes
    POJO Class
    Static Class
    Concrete Class
    Abstract Class
    Final Class
    Inner Class
    Nested Inner class
    Method Local inner classes
    Anonymous inner classes
    Static nested classes

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