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What are Raspberry Pi GPIOs?
By Rohit Gupta in Internet of Things on Jun 26 2020
  • Logesh Palani
    Jul, 2020 11

    Raspberry Pi is the microcontroller or mini computer.

    The GPIO - General Input and Output pins and i have listed below the use caused of the pins

    Pin Definitions

    PWM - Pulse with modulation - based on frequency modulation these pins are working => GPIO12, GPIO13, GPIO18, GPIO19

    SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface - to communicate and data transfering with other devices forms synchronly (bit by bit) => SPI0: GPIO10,GPIO9,GPIO11,GPIO8,
    GPIO20 , GPIO19 , GPIO21 , GPIO18 , GPIO17 , GPIO16
    I2C - Inter integrated circuit - its used to connect other microcontrollers or devices => GPIO2 , GPIO3 ,GPIO0 , GPIO1

    Serial Pins- GPIO14 , GPIO15

    Other Volatage pins are I/O pins - based on your purpose you can use it.

    if your more definition here

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