Shashi Ray
What are the types of threading models?
By Shashi Ray in ASP.NET on Feb 26 2009
  • Shashi Ray
    Feb, 2009 26

    Single Threading: This is the simplest and most common threading
    model where a single thread corresponds to your entire application’s
    Apartment Threading (STA): This allows multiple threads to exist in a
    single application. In single threading apartment (STA), each thread
    is isolated in it’s own apartment. The process may contain multiple
    threads (apartments) however when an object is created in a
    thread (i.e. apartment) it stays within that
    apartment. If any communication needs to occur between different
    threads (i.e. different apartments) then we must marshal the first
    thread object to the second thread.
    Free Threading: The most complex threading model. Unlike STA,
    threads are not confined to their own apartments. Multiple treads can
    make calls to the same methods and same components at the
    same time.

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