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Murugesh P
What is ACID Property? How is it related with Transaction?
By Murugesh P in SQL Server onOct 31 2014
  • Gokul Rathod
    Nov, 2014 25

    ACID stands for Accuracy,Consistancy,Isolation and Durability these are the acid properties of any RDBMS these are directly related to the transection Accuracy - if Accurate data is not there than transection is not commited. Durability- time limite is given to each transection

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  • Piyush R.
    Nov, 2014 12

    As per my knowledge about ACID, I have tried to described in as simple as possible.ACID stands for Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability. It is set of properties that guarantee about database transactions that are processed reliably.=> RELATION WITH TRANSACTION: ---------------------------------------------- -> Transaction should either Complete or Fail. If a part of a transaction fail than whole transaction fails and that is known as transaction Atomicity i.e. all or none. Means Transaction have error it should not complete otherwise complete.-> Data passes to the database must be valid according to all the defined rules, means transaction will bring the database to one valid state from other state. that is called Consistency of database.-> Any transaction executes one by one and ensure that if any of the transaction fails the effect of that transaction should not be create effect on other transaction and i.e is also known as Isolation of Transaction.-> When a transaction has been committed, it will remain so, or stored permanently,if having some trouble during transaction in system like power loss or crash of database and i.e. known as Durability of Transaction.Thanks for Evaluate.

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