What is Factory Class? What it's advantages?
By SUJITKUMAR PATIL in .NET on Feb 14 2007
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    Factory classes provide an interface for creating families of related objects. Factory classes are useful when the decision of which class to use must be done at run time and cannot be hard coded during development. Factory classes encapsulate the logic needed to decide which subclass to instantiate and so removes this decision from the application, delegating it to the factory.

    Most common model is client, a factory, and a product. The client is an object that requires an instance of another object (the product) for some purpose. Rather than creating the product instance directly, the client delegates this responsibility to the factory. Once invoked, the factory creates a new instance of the product, passing it back to the client. Put simply, the client uses the factory to create an instance of the product.

    The factory completely abstracts the creation and initialization of the product from the client. This indirection enables the client to focus on its discrete role in the application without concerning itself with the details of how the product is created. Thus, as the product implementation changes over time, the client remains unchanged.
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