Manikandan M
What is Inversion of Control (IOC)

Inversion of Control (IoC) is a design principle (although, some people refer to it as a pattern). As the name suggests, it is used to invert different kinds of controls in object-oriented design to achieve loose coupling. Here, controls refer to any additional responsibilities a class has, other than its main responsibility. This include control over the flow of an application, and control over the flow of an object creation or dependent object creation and binding.

IoC is all about inverting the control. To explain this in layman’s terms, suppose you drive a car to your work place. This means you control the car. The IoC principle suggests to invert the control, meaning that instead of driving the car yourself, you hire a cab, where another person will drive the car. Thus, this is called inversion of the control - from you to the cab driver. You don’t have to drive a car yourself and you can let the driver do the driving so that you can focus on your main work.

By Manikandan M in Xamarin on Feb 23 2022

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