Cristopher Coronado
What is Kestrel?
By Cristopher Coronado in .NET Core on Mar 22 2023
  • Rajkiran Swain
    Apr, 2023 3

    Kestrel is a cross-platform web server that is part of the ASP.NET Core framework. It is the default web server that is used by ASP.NET Core applications, and it is designed to be fast, lightweight, and scalable.

    Kestrel is built on top of the libuv cross-platform I/O library, which provides high-performance asynchronous I/O capabilities. This allows Kestrel to handle large numbers of concurrent connections with minimal resource utilization.

    Kestrel is also designed to be easily extensible, with support for HTTP/2, HTTPS, WebSockets, and other modern web protocols. It can also be integrated with other web servers, such as Nginx or Apache, to provide additional features and scalability.

    In summary, Kestrel is a high-performance, cross-platform web server that is optimized for use with ASP.NET Core applications. It is designed to be fast, lightweight, and scalable, with support for modern web protocols and extensibility through integration with other web servers.

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