Purushottam Rathore
What is LINQ?
By Purushottam Rathore in ASP.NET on Jan 20 2011
  • sajidlkhan lodi
    Feb, 2015 10

    LINQ is a Language Integreted Query Language Its a object oriented Query language Creates Objects of tables.

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  • Purushottam Rathore
    Jan, 2011 20

    LINQ stands for Language Integrated Query.

    LINQ is a data querying methodology which provides querying capabilities to .Net languages with syntax similar to SQL query.

    LINQ has a set of querying operators that can be used to query in memory object collection, Sql database, XML, etc. LINQ processing engine will then convert the LINQ query to native query specific to the database to execute against the datasource.  Since, the querying feature is integrated with the language; one can build an efficient query based on the language of their choice. 

    With Visual Studio, we have intelligence support and with language support, we have type safety and compile-time error checks.

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