Vivek Kumar
What is Nullable Types in C#?
By Vivek Kumar in C# on Feb 08 2016
  • Samatha Reddy
    Mar, 2017 16

    Value types can not store the null values,nullable feature added in onwords we can able to add null values to value types. ex: int x=null; \\invalid int? x = null; \\ valid

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  • Hari Amara
    Dec, 2019 30

    reference type
    ex:string str=”null”;

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  • Ayappan Alagesan
    Feb, 2017 12

    mostly value types cannot be assigned as null.(Eg:int a =null) To break this c# implemented null-able types so that we can assign value types as null.(Eg : int? a) this specifies a might be null

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  • Vivek Kumar
    Feb, 2016 8

    Variable types does not hold null values so to hold the null values we have to use nullable types. So nullable types can have values either null or other values as well.Eg: Int? a= null;

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