Vivek Kumar
Why to use “using” in C#?
By Vivek Kumar in C# on Feb 08 2016
  • sushil kumar
    Jul, 2017 20

    using keyword can use two places 1.) when adding a namespace 2.) dispose the object automatically when the class implement idisposable interface.

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  • Vivek Kumar
    Feb, 2016 8

    “Using” statement calls – “dispose” method internally, whenever any exception occurred in any method call and in “Using” statement objects are read only and cannot be reassignable or modifiable.

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  • Yogesh Sevankar
    Oct, 2019 18

    Developer the desktop application

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  • Vikas
    Mar, 2018 23

    The reason for the using statement is to ensure that the object is disposed as soon as it goes out of scope, and it doesn't require explicit code to ensure that this happens.

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  • Mukesh Kumar
    Sep, 2017 3

    for implementing IDisposabel interface

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