Ankur Mistry
What is Sprint in Agile Scrum?
By Ankur Mistry in Agile Development on Oct 25 2017
  • Tushar Dikshit
    Nov, 2017 3

    Sprint is unit of iterative cycle in SCRUM. Scrum focuses on iterative develop-test-deploy model. So sprint is a fixed period of time. 2 weeks or 4 weeks base don the size of team and projects. Team participates in ceremonies such as, =============================================================Sprint planning - Decides the task to be completed in the current sprint. Daily Scrum - Time bound 15 minutes where team updates what they have compeleted, what is in progress and if any impediment. Sprint Review- Post completion of sprint. To review whats delivered as per plan and whats remaining. Sprint Retrospective - Post completion of sprint to identify improvement areas for next sprint. ===============================================================

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  • Ankur Mistry
    Oct, 2017 25

    Sprint is the heart of Scrum. It's a time-box of one month or 2 weeks and a container of all other events (Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective).

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