Kumar Bhimsen
What is the difference between implicit and explicit transaction?
By Kumar Bhimsen in SQL Server on Jan 08 2016
  • Kumar Bhimsen
    Jan, 2016 8

    1. Implicit transaction is auto commit, there are no beginning and ending of the transaction while explicit transaction has beginning and end and rollback command. 2. In explicit transaction, if error occurs between transaction then it can be roll back where as it is not possible in implicit transaction.

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  • Sandeep Singh
    Aug, 2016 19

    In Implicit you don't have any option to Rollback your data. and In Explicit you have a control to Rollback you required data. and also you can use Save point to Rollback desired data.

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  • Vishal Jadav
    Aug, 2016 15


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  • Keerthi Venkatesan
    Jun, 2016 8

    Implicit Transaction is the auto commit. There is no beginning or ending of the transaction. Explicit Transaction has the beginning, ending and rollback of transactions with the command Begin Transaction Commit Transaction and Rollback Transation In the explicit transaction, if an error occurs in between we can rollback to the begining of the transaction which cannot be done in implicit transaction.

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  • Munesh Sharma
    May, 2016 9


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  • Amit Parmar
    Mar, 2016 11

    Implicit means automatic transaction by system and explicit means we need to write some code for do it

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  • Shweta Lodha
    Jan, 2016 21

    Explicit transaction - each singular statement is immediately committed Implicit transaction - transaction is open until a commit is issued. If no commit is issues then implicit rollback is issued

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