Krunal Lokhande
What is the difference between PUT and POST request in REST APIs?
By Krunal Lokhande in .NET on Aug 18 2018
  • appalanaidu valle
    Oct, 2018 12

    PUT is idempotent means if you send n request to the server for for the same resource ,the resource will not be created instead will be updated. POST is not an idempotent means if you send n number of request to the server for the same resource n number of resource will be created Generally Put is used for update the resource and Post is used for create the resource

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  • Bala S
    Oct, 2018 9

    PUT: Used to create a resource, or overwrite it. While you specify the resources new URL.POST: Used to modify and update a resource.

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  • Krunal Lokhande
    Aug, 2018 18

    PUT and POST both can be used for creating objects.PUT - Create or Update object i.e. its idempotent which means if you put an object twice it has no effect. POST - Create object i.e. it updates the data in resource and creates new instance.

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  • Sathiya Moorthy
    Aug, 2019 2

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  • Amit Phadtare
    Oct, 2018 22

    Put is use to update the resources and post is used to create resources.

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