What is the Difference between Test Scenarios & Test Cases Document?
By Saravanan in Software Testing on Dec 15 2011
  • siva sankar
    Apr, 2012 1

    Test cases:
                      It is a document. it will describe which item going to be tested and what is the excepted ruselt.
                      Complete flow of single functionaly is called Scenario.

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  • Vasudeva Rao Naidu Rangisetti
    Jan, 2012 7

    Testcase = A testcase is a one which checks a functionality of one particular object at a time..A scenario can check functionality of multiple objects..and we can tell this as one business process..we can define a series of test-case executed as one scenario

    Test Scenario = Think of a scenario as a workflow. It tests a series of test cases .

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  • Saravanan
    Dec, 2011 15

    Hi friends, can anyone explain me the difference between those...................

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