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What is the Replication in SQL Database ?
By Rohatash Kumar in SQL Server on Mar 16 2011
  • Santosh Kumar  Kotnala
    Mar, 2011 16

    Replication is movement of  database from one location to other .

    The SQL Server 2000-supported replication types are as follows:

    · Transactional

    · Snapshot

    · Merge


    Snapshot replication distributes data exactly as it appears at a specific moment in time and does not

    monitor for updates to the data. Snapshot replication is best used as a method for replicating data that

    changes infrequently or where the most up-to-date values (low latency) are not a requirement. When

    synchronization occurs, the entire snapshot is generated and sent to Subscribers.


    Transactional replication, an initial snapshot of data is applied at Subscribers, and then when data

    modifications are made at the Publisher, the individual transactions are captured and propagated to



    Merge replication is the process of distributing data from Publisher to Subscribers, allowing the

    Publisher and Subscribers to make updates while connected or disconnected, and then merging the


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  • Rohatash Kumar
    Mar, 2011 16

    What is the Replication in SQL Database ?

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