Arunava Bhattacharjee
Why we need "Areas" in MVC?
By Arunava Bhattacharjee in .NET on Sep 24 2014
  • Madhuri Mishra
    May, 2015 4

    Area is a MVC folder. You can add multiple area in one project. Each area can have: model, view and controller

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  • Kml Surani
    Apr, 2015 15

    Areas are logical grouping of Controller, Models and Views and other related folders for a module in MVC applications. By convention, a top Areas folder can contain multiple areas. Using areas, we can write more maintainable code for an application cleanly separated according to the modules.

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  • Arunava Bhattacharjee
    Sep, 2014 24

    For large application where we need to have many controllers and associated views it is a good practice to organize the controller and views by creating Area.

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  • Shailesh Uke
    May, 2015 27

    In a large Application handling is very easy

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  • Raghu Kasyap
    Apr, 2015 22

    Areas Provides the Logical separation of the Model, View and Controller components. For example, we may have individual area for each module in the application.

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  • Munesh Sharma
    Oct, 2014 1

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