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Deanna M Biography

    Hello my name is Deanna and I am 39 and holding, a single mom with 2 perfect boys their ages are 10 and 18. I live in Missouri with my boys, my parents, and brother. I have an Associate Degree in Information Technology from Axia College of University of Phoenix and I finished my BSIS Degree in Information Technology/ Web Development from Strayer University. Now I am working on my Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) degree at Strayer University.

    My major is MSIS/ Systems Development Management. My hobbies are God, my boys, my family, schooling, and my computer. I have reached my goal on getting my Associated Degree in Information Technology by 10/ 2007. Also I have reached my other goal on my degree at Strayer University on Bachelor of Science in Web Development on 06/2010. Now my goal is to complete my degree at Strayer University on MSIS by the year 2013/2014. Finally, my family and I owns a small business named MandS which we make web sites. I hope that we can learn as much as possible from one another.

Thank you,