C# Membership Ranking

C# Corner community is all about sharing, caring and earning. For every contribution you make on the site, you earn points. Once you accumulate enough points, you may redeem for prizes. You also get awards (MVA and MVC) for earning points.
C# Corner ranking is based on the point earned by a user from his/her contributions. The ranking are categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Starter. Here is a list of member ranking and required points.
Platinum Member 5,001 - More Points
You must have a total points more than 5001 to be Platinum Member.
Gold Member 1,001-5,000 Points
You must have a total points between 1001 and 5000 to be Gold Member.
Silver Member 501-1,000 Points
You must have a total points between 501 and 1000 to be Silver Member.
Bronze Member 201-500 Points
You must have a total points between 201 and 500 to be Bronze Member.
Starter Member 0-200 Points
You must have a total points 200 to be Starter Member.
Membership Ranking points criteria are based on the below listed table:
Contribution TypePointsDescription
 Approved Idea 50  Each idea gets 50 points after approval
 Article 100  Each approved article gets 100 points
 Blog Entry 25  Each approved blog gets 25 points
 C# Corner MVP 500  500 points per award
 Chapter Events 250  Chapter Lead gets 250 points for every chapter event
 Code Snippet Entry 20  Each approved Code Snippet gets 20 points
 Comment 1  Each comment gets 1 point
 Comment Like 1  Each comment like gets 1 point
 Comment Reply 1  Each comment reply gets 1 point
 Content Email 5  Each content email gets 5 points
 Content Like 1  Each content like gets 1 point
 Daily Login 1  1 point for daily login
 Download 10  Each approved download gets 10 points
 Ebook Post 1000  Each Author of an ebook gets 1000 points
 Event Speaking 500  Each speaker gets 500 points for every speaking in Chapters
 Featured Article 200  Each Featured Articles get 200 points
 Featured Video 200  Each featured video gets 200 points
 Forum Reply Accepted 25  Each accepted forum reply gets 25 points
 Forums Post 1  Each forum post gets 1 point
 Forums Reply 2  Each forum reply gets 2 points
 Friend 5  Each accepted friend request gets 5 points
 Idea 10  Each new Idea gets 10 points
 Interview Answer 1  Each interivew answer gets 1 point
 Invite Friend 5  Get 5 points on each invitation
 Link Facebook 5  Link Facebook with C# Corner profile gets 5 points
 Link LinkedIn 5  Link LinkedIn with C# Corner profile gets 5 points
 Link Twitter 5  Link Twitter with C# Corner profile gets 5 points
 Member of the Month 100  100 points per award
 Member Profile Like 1  Each profile like gets 1 point
 News 25  Each approved news gets 25 points
 Poll 5  Each approved poll gets 5 points
 Resource 5  Each approved resource gets 5 points
 Social Shares 1  Each social share of contents gets 1 point daily
 Video 500  Each approved video gets 500 points
 Vote Down 1  Each vote down gets 1 point
 Vote Up 2  Each vote up gets 2 points
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