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Ritesh Modi is an ex Microsoft Senior Technology Evangelist. He has worked on Ethereum and solidity extensively helping and advising startups and companies. Ritesh is a regular speaker on Blockchain and Solidity and has spoken at theTechFest ( ) largest conference in India for students, speaking at Air Summit ( on Blockchain. He is also a regular speaker on blockchain and Ethereum at meetups (, ). He has also presented on Blockchain, Ethereum and Solidity to architects, evangelists and written contracts internally at Microsoft.He is an Architect, a Senior Evangelist, Cloud Architect, published author, speaker, and a known leader for his contributions towards Datacenter, Azure, Bots, Blockchain, Cognitive services, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence and automation. He is the author of multiple books. Solo author for "Azure for Architects" and "DevOps with Windows Server 2016" book - both available on Amazon and B&N. He co-authored another book titled “Introducing Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview” along with Windows Server team. Another book “Developing Bots with Microsoft Bots Framework” with Apress is also co-authored by him.

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