· Self-motivated professional with strong verbal, written communication skills and solid analytical skills for writing relational database solutions for businesses. · Having an experience of 8+ Years, encompassing the fields of Database Management along with Optimization, ETL, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Reporting and Visualization, Automated Deployment, Configuration Management. · Proficient in creating and optimizing Stored Procedures, Queries, Functions, Tables, Indexes, Table Variables, Temp Tables, CTEs, Derived Tables, etc. using T-SQL language. · Proficiency in Data Modelling, Data Visualizations, Measures, Calculated Table and Columns using DAX query in Power BI. · Proficient in creating Ansible Roles and Collections for the Automated Deployment. · Proficient in doing Research and Documentation of any new technologies. · Hands on experience on Python libraries like Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib in order to perform ETL, EDA and Prediction using Univariate Linear Regression and Multivariate Linear Regression. · Working experience on tools such as MS SQL Server, Power BI, SSIS, MS Office, Jupyter Notebook, Ansible, PowerShell, Docker. · A professional who is able to work independently, in team or lead a team to a collaborative solution.

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