Sajid Ali Khan is an IBM data scientist in Islamabad. He is aspiring to inspire. Developing cognitive apps and demos for IBM platforms. Install, configure & troubleshoot IBM cloud and IBM Watson. Acquiring the tools and training to lead technology discussions around. Building global network with industry experts. Connect with like-minded people around the world. Attending training from IBM leaders to enhance knowledge about cutting-edge technologies. Getting skills and spreading in community—from professional development to socially communication with everyone. Building relationships with startups, developers, incubators, enterprise corporates and students. Demonstrating the newest technologies and hosting tech events. He follows dr. A. Q. Khan & steve jobs, trying to work for his people like them and make his nation parallel to other successful nations. People found him as the game changer. The rebel. The troublemaker. The one who see things differently. While some may see him as the crazy one (the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do). He thinks the Guinness book of world records may simply be a book of crazy people with goals and blind ambition. Being IBM Data Scientist, he encourages his imagination every day. He's also a big believer in following other's passion in innovative technologies and he gets to help other tech guys find their passion in IBM technologies.

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