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  • Composition Vs Aggregation in JavaAug 06, 2015. In this article you will learn the difference between Composition and Aggregation in the Java language.
  • Association, Aggregation and CompositionSep 05, 2013. Association, aggregation and composition terms represent the relationship between the objects. They are very basic stuff of Object oriented programming.
  • Introduction To Aggregation In JavaMay 09, 2013. In this article we discuss aggregation in Java, including its need and use.
  • 3 Important Concepts: - Association, Aggregation and CompositionFeb 16, 2012. In this article we will try to understand 3 important concepts association, aggregation and composition.
  • Data Aggregation using Presentation Model in RIA and Silverlight 4Mar 08, 2011. In-depth look into Presentation Model and its mode of handling related multiple entities.
  • Difference between Composition and Aggregation Jul 27, 2007. Apart from programming, a lot of my spare time sat at the computer is spent reading group, blog postings, etc from other developers. One particular posting that caught my eye recently provoked a lot of response and mixed answers to a question posed by a poster. This question was, ‘What is the difference between composition and aggregation and how would I express it in my programs?’
  • Aggregation Pipeline In MongoDBOct 27, 2016. In this article, you will learn about Aggregation Pipeline in MongoDB.
  • Aggregation And Composition In C#Nov 14, 2015. In this article we will discuss about Aggregation and Composition in detail using C#.
  • MongoDB - Day 14 (Aggregations)Aug 26, 2015. In this article you will learn about Aggregation in MongoDB. This is part 14 of the MongoDB series.
  • Aggregation Vs Composition: A Simple Practical ApproachAug 18, 2015. This article explains the real facts of Aggregation and Composition and I feel it would be a good brain teaser if I come with some actual examples.
  • Aggregation and CompositionJan 29, 2015. In this article you will learn about Aggregation and Composition in OOAD.
  • Aggregation Functions in QlikViewMay 27, 2014. This article provides an introduction to aggregation functions in QlikView.
  • Aggregation in JavaApr 03, 2014. This article explains Aggregation in Java along with well explained illustrations for a better understanding.
  • Dependency, Generalization, Association, Aggregation, Composition in Object Oriented ProgrammingJan 12, 2014. This article will explain some of the Object Oriented Programming concepts we use in most of the classes that we write, even if we don't know we have implemented the concept.
  • Getting Started With Apache SparkDec 18, 2017. In Big Data, Hadoop components such as Hive (SQL construct) , Pig ( Scripting construct), and MapReduce (Java programming) are used to perform all the data transformations and aggregation . Now with Apache Spark the same is being achieved with many more advantages like unified API performance, and support for multiple languages, 10X-100X faster than MapReduce.
  • Understanding Relationship Between ObjectsJul 24, 2017. The relationship between objects defines how these objects will interact or collaborate to perform an operation in an application.
  • Design Patterns Tutorial For BeginnersJul 24, 2015. In this article we will learn about the basics of design patterns.
  • Over Clause in Sql Server (Windows on Data): Part 1Aug 17, 2014. This article explains how the Over clause works. Windowing in SQL Server is done by the over clause that was introduced in SQL Server 2005. Windowing of data in SQL Server or the window function is applied to a set of rows (partitioned data based upon some column known as a window) to rank or aggregate values in that window or partition set.
  • LINQ Standard Query OperatorsJul 01, 2014. This article shows various functions and operators associated with LINQ and we will see how it makes data processing operations simple.
  • Inheritance in JavaApr 02, 2014. This article discusses inheritance and aggregation with appropriate examples and their applications.
  • Pivot Examples in SQL ServerOct 08, 2013. PIVOT rotates a table-valued expression by turning the unique values from one column in the expression into multiple columns in the output, and performs aggregations where they are required on any remaining column values that are wanted in the final output.
  • Using LINQ to SQL in Visual BasicNov 09, 2012. This article provides an introduction to employing LINQ to SQL within a Windows Forms application.
  • Writing Equivalent LINQ Expressions in F#Jun 07, 2010. In this article we will compare LINQ expressions to the equivalent F# expressions for an F# List and show how to use projection, filtering, and other LINQ goodies in F#.

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