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  • Asynchronous Data Binding Using IsAsync and Delay in WPFMar 10, 2015. In this article we will learn about asynchronous data binding using IsAsync and Delay in WPF.
  • Binding Delay in WPF 4.5Aug 17, 2014. The Binding object in WPF is responsible for data binding with user interface elements and a data source.
  • Timers in JQuery: Delay MethodJan 31, 2014. This article illustrates the use of a delay method with custom queues and duration.
  • Time and Distance Delay While Reordering Elements in List Using jQueryJan 08, 2014. This article will explain time and distance delay while reordering elements in a List using jQuery.
  • ThreadPool Delay Timer in Windows Store AppsNov 05, 2012. In this article we learn ThreadPool concepts with a delay timer in Windows Store Apps.
  • When to Delay Sign AssembliesAug 03, 2006. Delay signing plays a vital role in development when you are building assemblies. In this article, I talk about the significance and process of delay signing the assemblies.
  • Delayed Transaction Durability in SQL Server 2014 (CTP2)Feb 27, 2014. SQL server 2014 (CTP2) introduced Delayed Durability. It helps reduce the IO contention for writing to the transaction log.
  • Delay Signing an AssemblyJan 18, 2006. In this article we will elaborate the terminology Delay Signing as well as what it means. How it works and the approach to achieve it.
  • Time Controlled ExhaustersOct 17, 2017. Exhauster is an essential component of every complex circuit and every industry. Exhauster consumes more energy, when continuously operated. In this article we are going to create an time controlled Exhauster using Arduino and Motor Driver (L293D). The time delay will save the power consumed and will compensate the temperature also.
  • Get Started With Azure DevTest Creating Server Machines With ArtifactsJul 07, 2017. Azure DevTest is an effective resource that Azure has come up with for supporting developers and testers to avoid environment delays, allow self-service actions on turning the VM’s (Virtual Machines) on or off, and works with simple cost effective solutions to leverage the application which we host on the cloud.
  • Manage the Site Collection Life CycleNov 13, 2014. This article explores the management of a Site Collection life cycle.
  • Use of ProgressBar in WPFFeb 21, 2014. This article describes the use of ProgressBar. What it is, how it works, and why we use this ProgressBar when developing software applications.
  • Precompiled and Pre-generated Views in the Entity FrameworkFeb 13, 2013. While working with the Entity Framework, we can reduce the delay of the initial view by creating the view at compile time instead of runtime
  • Code Analysis Using Telerik JustCodeJan 13, 2012. JustCode does on-the-fly analysis of the code. It does code analysis when you type the code and reports to you an error or warning without any further delay.
  • SQL Server: WAITFOR StatementMar 07, 2011. WAITFOR statement used to delay execution of T-SQL command for a specified period of time. This can be used to block the execution of batch statement, stored procedure and T SQL commands for a specified time.

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