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  • Implementation of Internationalization in Java Using Locale ClassAug 30, 2013. This article explains implementation of Internationalization in Java using the locale class and other fields that are methods of the locale class, how to find locales supported by JRE, and create two converters.
  • Implementing Internationalization in JAVADec 07, 2011. With the advent of globalization, the importance of internationalizing web applications has increased. This is important because web applications are accessed by users from various regions and countries.
  • Internationalization In ASP.NET Core MVCJul 21, 2017. Globalization is a process of supporting different cultures. Globalization allows us to create multilingual web sites with ASP.net core.
  • Use Localization in AngularJS Using InternationalizationJun 17, 2015. This article shows how to implement Localization using AngularJS.
  • Internationalization in NetBeansJun 26, 2013. This article explains Internationalization using the NetBeans IDE platform.
  • Internationalization in JAVAFeb 08, 2012. Internationalization is the process of designing an application so that it can be adapted to various language and regions without engineering changes.
  • Internationalization Getting StartedMar 09, 2006. This article introduces the concept of Internationalization in application development. Starting off with the basics of character encoding and Unicode, the article discusses the best practices to be followed in writing culture aware code and designing Internationalized user interfaces with adequate examples in .NET (C#).
  • SMTP InternationalizationJul 16, 2003. You can find many articles dedicated to C# SMTP implementation on this or other sites.
  • Code InternationalizationAug 06, 2002. This is a very simple windows application example for localizing the application. Visual studio .NET makes it pretty simple to create localized applications and manage them.
  • Configuration API In ASP.NET Core - Day ElevenAug 01, 2017. In the previous article of this series, we discuss about the internationalization and globalization concept within .NET Core application. Now in this article, we will discuss different types of configuration processes in asp.net core applications.
  • AngularJS 2.0 From The Beginning - Localization - Day Twenty FiveMay 09, 2017. In this article, we will discuss about localization in Angular 2.0.
  • New Features of Android 4.2 Jelly BeanJul 19, 2013. In the new features Android 4.2 is improved in lock screen, graphics, internationalization and many more features that improved in that version.
  • Generate XML based Resource Files on the fly in ASP.NET 1.x applicationsSep 11, 2007. If internationalization was not part of your application’s initial development cycle, but required to extend it globally at a later point of time, then creating resource files from all the UI elements is a very tedious & manual process in ASP.NET 1.x. The framework presented in this article saves a developer from manually updating the resources and keeps the resx files in sync with the webforms and user-controls by automatically generating the resx files.

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