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  • Deep Dive to Nullable Types in C#Apr 27, 2014. Here you will learn about the C# Nullable Type. Nullable Type is a value type but it has features of both Reference and Value type. Nullable Type has the capability to hold a value or can have a null reference, in other words there is no value. Nullable types were introduced in .Net 2.0.
  • How to Assign Null Value to Value Type Using Nullable TypesFeb 26, 2013. In this article you will learn how do assign null value to valuetype by using Nullable types.
  • Introduction to .Net Framework 2.0 Nullable Types in VB.NETNov 09, 2012. Sometimes you work with a value type that does not have a defined value in certain circumstances.
  • Getting started with Nullable Types in C#Jun 08, 2009. This article gives you an idea how we can use Nullable Type in C#.
  • Checking Nullable Values in .NETNov 28, 2008. This tip shows how to check values retrived from a database are null or not.
  • WPF ComboBox doesn't bind correctly - Binding to Nullable Ints Jun 07, 2007. If you have been working with WPF and have had issues with your ComboBox or any list control binding then you can stop pulling your hair out.
  • Introduction to .Net Framework 2.0 Nullable TypesAug 23, 2006. Sometimes you work with a value type that does not have a defined value in certain circumstances. For example, a field in a database might need to distinguish between having been assigned a meaningful value and never having been assigned a value. Value types can be extended to take either their normal values or a null value. Such an extension is called a nullable type
  • C# 2.0 Nullable TypesFeb 14, 2006. The designers of C#2 have added the concept of nullable types to deal with a weakness of value types versus reference types. It is then essential to have properly assimilated these two notions.
  • C# 2.0 Feature: Nullable TypesAug 28, 2005. C# 2.0 allows you to assign null values to primitive types including boolean and integer, which wasn't possible in previous version of C#.
  • C# 8.0 - Experimenting With Non-Nullable Reference Type Using Visual Studio 2017Dec 28, 2017. Nullable Reference Type is one of the most popular upcoming features of C# which may be released with C# 8.0. However, C# 8.0 has not been released yet; development is going on so till the final release, its behavior may be a little bit different than the current behavior explained in this article.
  • Nullable Types And Null Coalescing Operator In C#Feb 27, 2016. In this article you will learn about nullable types and the null coalescing operator in C#. We will also see its use in LINQ queries.
  • Nullable Type and Null Coalescing Operator in C#May 26, 2014. This article explains the basics of nullable types and coalescing operator for C# for beginners.
  • Entity Framework Error: The Relationship Could Not be Changed Because One or More of the Foreign-key Properties is Non-nullableFeb 12, 2014. I am currently working on a MVC and Entity Framework based project in which I encountered a problem with Entity Framework when trying to delete an entity from a related data collection and one or more of the foreign-key properties is non-nullable.
  • Nullable Types in C#: Basic IntroductionMay 02, 2006. This article gives a quick view in to the problems faced with the value type objects and the solution to the problems. This beautiful facility is introduced by Microsoft as an concept called “Nullable Types” in the C# 2.0.
  • New features in C# 2.0Feb 18, 2006. In this article, I will learn about and use the new features in C# 2.0 added by the Microsoft designers, such as generics, anonymous methods, partial types, static classes, nullable types, and limiting access to properties.
  • What is new in C# 2.0?May 30, 2005. In this article, I discuss new features added to C# 2.0.
  • New Features in C# version 2.0 - Partial TypesOct 12, 2004. Partial types are new addition to C# language version 2.0, which is available with the .NET Framework 2.0 or Visual Studio 2005. This article discusses the partial classes and how to create and use them in your applications.
  • Generics in C#Oct 06, 2004. Generics are the most useful C# 2.0 language extensions, beside Anonymous methods, Iterators, Partial types And Nullable types.

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