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  • SMTP and POP3 Mail ServerSep 13, 2002. This is simple implementation of SMTP and POP3 server. Two new features are added to the original code.
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Client and Server Components LibrarySep 26, 2003. One of the least discussed components of .NET is one that has proven quite helpful for me in the development of my enterprise intranet.
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP Client and Server Components LibrarySep 26, 2003. The attached library contains the SMTP/POP3/IMAP client and server components. See the attached help file for more details.
  • SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/WebMail ServerSep 26, 2003. The attached source code contains a project for a Web Email Server with SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 support.
  • POP3 LibraryAug 29, 2003. This application is written in C# and is multithreaded, the allows the client application to invoke the POP3 library and get the messages, the status and the results of the POP3 events are passed back to the client application using the C# delegates.
  • POP3 AccessMar 29, 2001. This is a follow up to my SMTP example that shows how to access your POP3 server.
  • Configure Windows Live Mail with Gmail AccountMar 17, 2011. This article is about configuring Windows live mail with a Gmail account.
  • Building Your Own Mail Client Using C# Mar 31, 2009. This post will go with you step by step towards building your own Mail Client using C#.
  • 3D Real-Time Stock Exchange Quote Stream Ticker in GDI+ and C#Oct 04, 2004. This article represents 3D Real-Time Stock Exchange Quote Stream Ticker version 1.0. The big option here is internal email-alert control with built in POP3 and SMTP protocols. This control starts when some condition is execute. You can save current quote in some graphics format and print it.
  • Quote ResponderMay 09, 2001. The program will periodically check your mail for incoming email requests for a stock quote.
  • Simple SMTP MailerMar 26, 2001. This is a simple program which shows how to send mail via SMTP without using any framework support. While using the .NET SMTP classes may be a little easier, it is good to be able to go under the hood and get your hands dirty to understand what is going on at the socket level. For simple text messages, this implementation works fine.

About POP3

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