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  • Defining Structs in C#Apr 07, 2014. This article focuses on an alternative to classes in C# , structs. I'll also talk about their application and how they are an alternative to classes and where we can actually use a struct.
  • Structs in C#Sep 25, 2008. This article introduces struct types in C# and .NET Framework.
  • Implementing Multiple Interfaces With The Same Method Signature In C#Mar 14, 2018. An interface in C# is a type which only defines a group of related functionalities and leaves the implementation of the functionalities to any class or struct which implements the interface. It helps a lot in implementing the SOLID principles and makes the application more decoupled.
  • What Is Struct And When To Use Struct In C#Nov 15, 2017. 'Struct' keyword is used to create a structure. A structure can contain variables, methods, static constructor, parameterized constructor, operators, indexers, events, and property. A structure can not derive/inherit from any structure or class. A structure can implement any number of interfaces. Structures provide better performance.
  • C# Corner Delhi Chapter "How to Crack the Coding Interview": Discussion of TestFeb 18, 2015. Here we will discuss the written test of C# Corner Delhi Chapter How to Crack the Coding Interview event.
  • Parameterless Constructors in Structure C# 6.0Dec 08, 2014. This article tells about the introduction of Parameterless Constructors in structs in the newer release of features of the C# 6.0 version.
  • Understanding Delegates Predicates and LambdaFeb 22, 2013. To have a clear undestanding of Predicates, you must have a good understanding og delegates.
  • Difference between struct and classesMar 02, 2012. This article explains about the major difference between struct and classes.
  • ColorComboBox to pick ColorsJan 12, 2011. In this short article, I am trying to create a ColorComboBox control which allows the user to select colors from System.Drawing.Color struct.
  • Extended prime number finder AlgorithmDec 20, 2010. I wrote this article to explain how to calculate large prime numbers using this struct.
  • Struct vs. Class in C#May 14, 2010. In this article, I want to share with you some difference between Struct and Classes.
  • Bind a Struct to a ComboBox in C#Feb 08, 2010. This tip and code snippet shows how to bind a struct to a ComboBox in WPF and load its properties in the drop down.
  • Method Parameter Types in C# Dec 02, 2009. In this article I will explain you about Method Parameter Types in C#.
  • Overloading in C#Dec 01, 2009. In this article I will explain you about overloading in C#.
  • Struct and Class Differences in C#Nov 23, 2009. In this article I will explain difference between struct and class in C#.
  • Types in C# Nov 13, 2009. In this article I will explain about data types in C#.
  • Complete scene of Constructors in C#Aug 19, 2009. This article explains about constructors in C#.I have explained with the different scenarios through coding. It covers all the applicable area of constructors in C#
  • Struct in C#Jun 08, 2009. In this article, you will learn how to define structs in C#, where and how to use them and what is the difference between structs and classes.
  • Some Real Differences Between Structures and ClassesMar 02, 2009. This article lists some differences between classes and structures.
  • How C# is Different From JavaJan 17, 2008. This article describes the various differences between C# and Java.
  • Web based colour tool for .NETOct 02, 2007. The .NET Framework provides us with over 100 colours to use within the System.Drawing namespace. In order that we know exactly what all these colours look like here is a simple web based tool that uses Reflection to loop through all the colours with the System.Drawing.Color struct and print them to the page.
  • An XY Plot User Control in GDI+May 24, 2002. This is a follow up of the article written originally for the beta version of .NET. called, A Graphics Component in C#.
  • Drawing B-Spline CurvesApr 22, 2002. The attached source code project draws spline curves between two points.
  • Working with Namespaces in C#Nov 07, 2001. In C#, namespaces are used to logically arrange classes, structs, interfaces, enums and delegates. The namespaces in C# can be nested. That means one namespace can contain other namespaces also.
  • A variety of Chart EnginesSep 07, 2001. The original code came from Scott Guthrie‚Äôs chart engine example. The differences from original code.

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