ADO.NET introduced as a part of .NET 1.0, is an API (set of classes) that is used to connect and access various data sources including XML, flat files, relational databases, and more. Here you may find ADO.NET related articles and news.


  • Sanjay 0

    Oracle Database Connectivity

    This is a GUI based data entry application which shows how to add, modify and delete records using Oracle Database.
    Sanjay 0 Dec 17, 2005
  • Sanjay 0

    Oracle Database Viewer

    This is a GUI based application which connects to an Oracle database depending upon the DSN, username and password that you provide. It then shows the list of tables on the left hand side in the fo...
    Sanjay 0 Dec 17, 2005
  • Levent Camlibel

    Mapping Objects to Relational Databases

    The application generates C# Class files for each table in a relational database. I have used Mysql and ODBC.NET for this project. The application only supports MySQL right now.
    Levent Camlibel Dec 17, 2005
  • Mark.Tutt

    SharpHSQL - An SQL engine written in C#

    .NET! C#! If you haven't been inundated with the marketing of Microsoft's new initiatives, you've been living in your cube without a web connection for quite a while. Like a lot of developers, I ha...
    Mark.Tutt Dec 17, 2005
  • Tushar Ameta

    Data Access through Web Services, Stored Procedures and SQL Queries

    Web Services has been the most revolutionary aspect of the .NET framework developed by Microsoft. This article presents the three different modes through which data can be accessed viz. through Web...
    Tushar Ameta Dec 16, 2005
  • Mike Gold

    FlashCards Language Program : How to read and save Images in a Sql Server Database using ADO.NET

    I thought it would be fun to write a simple program that displayed flashcards from a database and at the same time, show you how to read and write images to the database. This program is a simple ...
    Mike Gold Dec 16, 2005
  • Lee SangEun

    Saving and Reading Object to/from a Database

    An object is a memory stream, which is hard to write using the normal methods. In this article, I show how you can save objects in a database and read back from the database.
    Lee SangEun Dec 16, 2005
  • Ajit Kanada

    SQL Server Database Explorer

    This application connects to a running SQL Server 2000 and displays all the available databases in it.
    Ajit Kanada Dec 16, 2005
  • Michael Momcouglu

    Application Data Utility Class

    Attached is a ZIP file containing the source-code and compiled DLL of the "Application Data Utility Class".
    Michael Momcouglu Dec 16, 2005
  • Sushila S. Bowalekar

    Using Currency Manager and MemoryStream to Display Images

    This article and attached sample code demonstrates you how to use the CurrencyManager and MemoryStream to display images.
  • Kenneth M H

    Writing a Generic Data Access Component - Flexible Approach

    Here is one more flexible approach to achieve the same. I prefer this approach to generic data access.
    Kenneth M H Dec 16, 2005
  • Michael Bouck

    A Generic Data Access Component using Factory Pattern

    This article shows to utilize the System.Activator class and a factory pattern to create the concrete provider classes.
    Michael Bouck Dec 15, 2005
  • Vladimir 0

    A Generic Data Access Component using Factory Pattern

    the article A Generic Data Access Component using Factory Pattern provides a very good way of creating ADO.Net data provider independent applications, but there is one problem with it. Different AD...
    Vladimir 0 Dec 15, 2005
  • g.vernooij

    Caution When Using SetParentRow of a DataSet

    I had a serious performance killer when using SetParentRow in the creation of a DataSet in ADO.NET.
    g.vernooij Dec 14, 2005
  • Bruce Carson

    SQL Demo Login in C#

    This sample code contains a reusable control that allows you to build a dialog box that queries for SQL-Server connection parameters.
    Bruce Carson Dec 14, 2005
  • Mark Verbraeken

    Updated ReshuffleColumns Method

    Here is an updated version of 'ReshuffleColumns' method of article DataGrid Customization by Mahesh Chand.
    Mark Verbraeken Dec 14, 2005
  • David Sandor

    Dynamically Setting Properties of a Class from a Database

    This example demonstrates a powerful feature of Reflection that will allow you to dynamically set the values of a class.
    David Sandor Dec 14, 2005
  • odegirmenci


    The attached source code file has two parts - DataObject directory and Automatic SQL Generator.
    odegirmenci Dec 14, 2005
  • Ramaprasad Upadhyaya

    Typed DataSets in .NET

    As all of we know, we can specify the data type when we create a DataColumn for a DataTable. This is to enforce the runtime type-safety for the column so that only data of specified data type can b...
  • Fedrik Alund

    Generic database access with Mimer Provider Manager

    The Mimer Provider Manager uses different plugins to access different underlying ADO.NET providers. Plugins are developed for Oracle, SQL Server, ODBC, and OLE DB.
    Fedrik Alund Dec 14, 2005
  • Fred Jones

    Populate SQL Servers and Databases dynamically in C#

    The attached source code is a class that provides methods to populate an array with the available SQL Server and databases on your network dynamically.
    Fred Jones Dec 13, 2005
  • guru prasad

    Remote Data Access Layer

    The attached source project is a data access layer library and the main idea of developing such a DAL is to separate the database execution from the client/end user and maintain it on the server si...
    guru prasad Dec 13, 2005
  • Christophe Marcel


    CopySchema is a utility for copying all the data from one Oracle schema to another. Although similar to the exp/imp and bulk load utilities of Oracle, it has the advantage of offering a simple GUI ...
    Christophe Marcel Dec 13, 2005
  • aghiondea2

    Storing Images into a Database

    In order to provide your application with cool pictures you can employ two techniques (at least). One of them is that you can save the pictures in a folder and store the path to each one in a datab...
    aghiondea2 Dec 13, 2005
  • Jigar Desai

    Anonymous Method to Retrieve Data Reader Passed from DAL

    Anonymous method is a new feature in C# 2.0 that allows you to define an anonymous method called by a delegate.
    Jigar Desai Dec 13, 2005
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