Backbone.js is a JavaScript framework with a RESTful JSON interface and is based on the model–view–presenter (MVP) application design paradigm. Here you may find Backbone.js related articles and news.


  • ForEach In TypeScript

    The code example in this article explains how to use a ForEach loop in TypeScript
  • Routers in Backbone.JS: Part 7

    In this article, we will learn the basics of Backbone.Router.
  • Swap and Remove a List Items using Backbone.js

    This article explains two model actions, swap and remove, using Backbone.js. It explains how to handle these two actions in the view of the model with an example.
  • Introduction to Backbone.JS: Part 1

    This article attempts to provide some light on Backbone.js basics.
  • Working with Backbone.Collection : Part 6

    In this article we will be dealing with methods and attributes provided by the Backbone collection.
  • Working With Backbone.JS View : Part 5

    By going through this Backbone View tutorial, we will understand the view's behaviour and will be in a position to implement it.
  • Methods/Attributes in Backbone Model: Part 4

    In this article we will be dealing with the terms related to the Backbone Model.
  • Model in Backbone.JS : Part 2

    This tutorial gives you an overview of model in Backbone.JS.
  • Model Validation in Backbone.JS: Part 3

    This article is particularly based on how the validation is done and issues related to this is handle in Backbone model using some methods.
  • Use Backbone.js to Make a Structured Web Application

    Backbone.js is a JavaScript client-side (front-end) framework that helps to organize your code and makes it easier for you to develop single-page web applications.
  • Display Images Using Model Binder in Backbone.js

    In this tutorial we will display images on a button click using model binding.
  • Collection Binder Using Backbone.js

    This article describes the Collection binder using backbone.js. Backbone is a great platform for creating client-side applications.
  • Create Forms in a List Using Backbone.js

    In this article we will create a number of forms in a list.
  • Regex Routing Using Backbone.JS

    In this article we will learn about Regular Expression Routing. If you want to be more selective in your routing and the route URL that matches the specified criteria then we can use a regular expression.
  • Render HTML Using The Backbone.js View

    In this article we will learn about various ways to render HTML using Backbone.js View and use the underscore templates.
  • Learning About Multiple Views in Backbone.JS

    In this article we will learn about multiple views. We will understand how a view manages the updates or the events in another view. In this tutorial we will create a record list.
  • Model Binding Events in Backbone.js

    This article explains binding models with events.
  • Learning Backbone.js: Templates

    This article explains the backbone template. This tutorial explains the use of the template without using backbone.js scripts, the template is not a part of backbone.js.
  • Create Backbone.js App With Helper.js

    In this article I will create an application in which we can add an article type of description. We can also delete and edit this article.
  • Object Inheritance Using Backbone.js

    In this article I am going to use the object inheritance in backbone.js.
  • Create Registration Form Using Backbone.Js

    In this article I will create a registration form with validation fields.
  • Create Reactive Backbone Application

    This article describes how to create a Reactive backbone.js application.
  • Moving Object On Mouse Event Using Backbone

    In this article I will create an object that moves when the mouse moves. Here we use the "mousemove" event.
  • Nested View in Backbone.js

    This article explains the Nested View in backbone.js. Here we will create an application using a Nested View.
  • In-Depth Description of Backbone.js Model

    In this article we will learn about Backbone.js Models in depth.
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