Custom Controls
Custom controls are compiled code components that execute on the server, expose the object model, and render markup text as a normal Web Form or user control does. Here you may find Custom controls related articles and news.


  • Progress bar custom Control

    Create a Progress Bar custom control and add it into the Toolbox and drag and drop this custom control into another application.
  • Animated Cursor-Custom Control

    Animated cursor custom control shows the change of the mouse cursor icon when we move it to the windows application.
  • Shortcut to set ImageDirectory path for Infragistics Controls.

    Better way to set ImageDirectory, ScriptDirectory etc for Infragistics Controls.
  • Event Bubbling: Sending a Message from a User Control to the Page Continer

    Sending a message from a web user control to a web page container is simple. Yet the examples on the web are sparse and lack detail. Following this example will help the Software Developer to get a fundamental knowledge of how event bubbling works, and the elements necessary to sending a message from a user control to a web page.
  • GridView with DataPager in ASP.NET 3.5

    To page through data in a control that implements the IPageableItemContainer interface, DataPager control can be used. GridView has its own paging and does not implement IPageableItemContainer interface.
  • C# scrollable Picturebox custom control

    This article discusses the construction of a custom control used to add a scrollable Picturebox control to a project.
  • File uploader in C#

    This article shows a simple Web user control for uploading any file up to 2 MB to the specified folder using C#.
  • Important Aspects about Components

    In this article, I wil discuss some properties and key definitions about component programming.