Custom Controls
Custom controls are compiled code components that execute on the server, expose the object model, and render markup text as a normal Web Form or user control does. Here you may find Custom controls related articles and news.


  • Aeddin

    An “Outlook Like” control

    This is a control that behaves like the Tab control but have visual cues that look more like the Navigation panel in outlook. And since this is more of a tab control than a navigation panel control...
    Aeddin Sep 13, 2007
  • Anton Bahchevanov

    .NET QuarX - Large Professional .NET Component Suite

    .NET QuarX is assembled from the product lines of Nevron and Intersoft Solutions. It is a full selection of WinForm and WebForm components, providing professional and very much complete solution fo...
    Anton Bahchevanov May 30, 2007