Microsoft .NET Framework is software development framework developed by Microsoft to build Windows client, enterprise, and web applications. Follow this category to keep up to date with .NET Framework news and tutorials.


  • Webinar - Getting Started With SharePoint Framework (SPFx)

    This is the video recording of a webinar where we will learn how to get started with SharePoint Framework (SPFx).
  • Custom Configuration Sections Using ConfigurationSection : web.config

    This tutorial tells about how you can create a custom section in web.config file to keep all your module specific settings at a single place.
  • Row_Number() function in Microsoft SQL server | How to use Row_Number in SQL server

    Row_Number is used to generate the number of each row dynamically in a sequential order based on some column orders.
  • Garbage Collector - Understanding IDisposable

    In this video I will do my best to help you fully understand the IDisposable interface, the basic dispose pattern, finalizers, and how your implementations of Dispose interact with the GC and garba...
  • Creating a Hyperlink using Excel Hyperlink() Function in EPPlus .NET

    In this video we will see how to create a Hyperlink using Excel Hyperlink() Function in EPPlus.
  • How To Add Pictures Or Images in Excel Sheet Using EPPlus .NET Application - Part Five

    Adding Pictures or Images in Excel WorkSheet using EPPlus .NET Library.
  • How To Apply Text Alignment, Row Height, Column Width In Excel Sheet Using Epplus .NET Library - ...

    How To Apply Text Alignment, Row Height, Column Width in Excel Sheet Using Epplus .NET Library.
  • How To Apply Cell Border Style In Excel Sheet Using Epplus .NET Library - Part Three

    How to apply cell border style in excel sheet using Epplus .NET Library.
  • How To Apply Text And Background Color In Excel File Using Epplus .NET Library - Part Two

    How to apply text and background color in excel file using Epplus .NET Library.
  • Introduction To .NET Framework 4.5 - Part Two

    This video is the second part of Introduction to .NET Framework 4.5 in which the explanation of what is . NET Framework 3.5 is provided in detail and to watch the first part of .NET Framework 4.5 ...
  • How To Create ASP.NET Web Service

    This video tutorial explains how to create ASP.NET Web Service step-by-step, which covers the following topics-Why Web Service? What Is Web Service? Real Time Scenario Creating ASP.NET Web Service...
  • Difference in .NET Family

    In this video, I tried to explain the difference in the .NET frameworks available to developers.
  • What's New for .NET 2015

    In this video, we discover the .NET 2015, learn the latest on the different pieces of the .NET universe: .NET Framework 4.6, .NET Core, ASP.NET 5, Roslyn... and more.
  • CAS Method level Demand and Deny Security Actions - Imperative

    This video shows how the Deny security action and Demand security action works. This time, instead of a Declarative method, security actions are performed through Imperative method.
  • CRUD con Entityframework CSharp y Sql Server Part Two (spanish)

    En el video anterior (http://goo.gl/OHSsnz), vimos la parte teórica. En esta ocasión crearemos el modelo de entidades y devolvemos datos de la base de datos.
  • CAS Method level Assert Security Action - Declarative

    This video shows how the Assert security action works with Deny security action. This video also shows how an Assert security action revokes the already applied Deny action.
  • CRUD con EntityFrameWork - CSharp y SQL Server - Part One(Spanish)

    Primero de una serie de 5 video tutoriales sobre Entity FrameWork. Para esto elaboraremos un pequeño proyecto donde efectuaremos operaciones CRUD sobre una tabla de SQL Server. Este primer Vi...
  • CAS Method level Inheritance Demand Security Action - Declarative

    This video explains how Inheritance demand Security action is used in C# .net applications.
  • CAS Method level Permitonly and LinkDemand - Declarative

    This video explains PermitOnly and LinkDemand security actions on a function through declarative method.
  • CAS Method level Demand - Declarative

    This video explains demand and deny security actions on a method through declarative method.
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