Machine Learning
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  • The Convenient Python Libraries For Machine Learning

    This article is about the regularly used libraries of Machine Learning in Python
  • Microsoft Open Sources TensorWatch

    TensorWatch leverages Jupyter Notebook and enables you to do interactive debugging of real-time training processes.
  • Introduction To Machine Learning

    Introduction To Machine Learning. So, what is machine learning? The one important area where we could apply machine learning is to find patterns in data. Then those patterns are used to predict the fu
  • Microsoft Releases The Immersive Reader Preview

    Immersive Reader is an AI Service that helps users read and comprehend text.
  • Facebook Open-Sources AI Habitat

    AI Habitat is an advanced simulation platform for embodied AI research.
  • TensorFlow 2.0 Beta Released

    TensorFlow releases the beta version of its upcoming 2.0 release.
  • What Is Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning are the most trending technologies these days. Most of the time, we confuse about the things that they are so much critical but actually they’re not. Artifici
  • TensorFlow Graphics For Deep Learning of Computer Vision Model

    Computer vision and computer graphics go hand in hand, forming a single ML system.
  • Automatically Extract Text And Data With Amazon Textract

    Amazon Textract is a machine learning solution to automatically extract text and data from any document.
  • NVIDIA Launches Its First Edge Computing Platform

    NVIDIA launched NVIDIA EGX, an accelerated computing platform, which allows to easily deploy systems on premises, in the cloud or both.
  • Google’s Scalable Super Computers For Machine Learning Are Now Publicly Available In Beta

    Recently, Google announced that its Cloud TPU v2 Pods and Cloud TPU v3 Pods are now publicly available in beta
  • Google Launches AI Platform

    Google AI Platform, an end-to-end ML development platform, will enable developers to collaborate on model sharing, training, and scaling workloads from a single dashboard.
  • ML.NET 1.0 Announced

    Yesterday, at #MSBuild, Microsoft announced version of 1.0 of its machine learning toolkit, ML.NET. ML.NET 1.0 is available now to download from Github.
  • Your First Experiment In Azure ML Studio

    In this article, we are going to use Azure Machine Learning Studio for the first time to create a machine learning experiment.
  • Best Programming Language for Machine Learning

    The top 10 machine learning languages in the list are Python, C++, JavaScript, Java, C#, Julia, Shell, R, TypeScript, and Scala. Let's look best machine learning programming languages.
  • First Guide To Machine Learning

    In this article, we will try to understand Machine Learning in layman’s language.
  • Key Machine Learning Terms

    In this article, you will learn about the terms used in machine learning technology.
  • Azure Machine Learning Service Adds RAPIDS Support

    Azure Machine Learning service has become the first major cloud ML service to support NVIDIA’s RAPIDS.
  • Machine Learning Made For .NET

    Machine Learning made for .NET is usually considered to be an open source as well as cross-platform machine learning framework. Microsoft’s ML.NET is well-supported on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Let&#
  • What Is New In TensorFlow 2.0

    TensorFlow is Google's open source machine learning framework. Lean what is new in TensorFlow 2.0
  • Microsoft Releases ML.NET 0.10

    Microsoft has released ML.NET 0.10, the preview version of its cross-platform machine learning framework ML.NET.
  • Intel Open Sources A Distributed Deep Learning Platform For Kubernetes - Nauta

    The chip giant, Intel has launched a new open-source platform named 'Nauta' which enables data scientists and developers use Kubernetes and Docker to conduct distributed deep learning (DL) at
  • Machine Learning Concepts For Dummies Part 7 - Linear Regression Coefficient of Determination

    This video describes the concept of Linear Regression Coefficient of Determination and its importance while building a Machine Learning Regression Model.
  • Two Class Support Vector Machine

    An overview of Two Class Support Vector Machine. Two-Class Support Vector Machine is used to create a model that is based on the Support Vector Machine Algorithm.
  • Machine Learning Concepts For Dummies Part 6 - Linear Regression Ordinary Least Square Method

    This video describes the basics of Linear Regression, more specifically, the Ordinary Least Square Technique.