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I am a data enthusiast with a keen interest in data analytics, business intelligence. I am currently working at PwC India as a Senior Data Engineer / Assistant Manager with experience in interpreting, analyzing, cleansing, loading and visualizing data to drive business outcomes using Microsoft Azure. Proficient knowledge in analytics, cloud computing, reporting and data platform. Good understanding of project delivery management, business operations and collaboration needed to interpret data for business processes. Well versed with Stakeholder Management and maintaining client and stakeholder confidence high.

Apart from analyzing and organizing data, I also help clients transform data into visualizations and have worked on different Power BI reports delivering excellent visuals like Client Lifecycle. I have regularly been appreciated by clients for the perfection and the attention to detail.

I am also an active member of technical forums like StackOverflow, Experts Exchange, GitHub, Microsoft QnA to share and gain knowledge and have provided solutions to many people in their projects.

Apart from this I am team player and get easily gel with a diverse team, I also like to organize different team bonding events to keep a positive team atmosphere at workplace and my excellent verbal and written communication skills have always helped me to bring out the best from people and the stakeholders I work with.


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