A Simple Guide to Creating an Azure Databricks Workspace

1. Sign in to Azure Portal: Open your web browser and go to the Azure Portal (https://portal.azure.com). Sign in with your Azure account credentials.

2. Create a New Resource: Click on the "Create a resource" button on the Azure Portal dashboard.

 New Resource

3. Search for Databricks: In the search bar, type "Databricks" and press Enter. Select the "Azure Databricks" service from the results.


Market place

4. Configure Workspace Settings: Fill in the required information.

  • Workspace name: Give your Databricks workspace a unique name.
  • Subscription: Choose the Azure subscription you want to use.
  • Resource group: Create a new one or select an existing resource group.
  • Region: Pick the Azure region where you want to deploy your workspace.
  • Pricing tier: Choose between Standard and Premium based on your needs.Workspace Settings

5. Review and Create: Review your settings, ensuring all information is accurate. Click on "Review + Create."

 Review and Create

6. Create the Workspace: Click on the "Create" button to start the deployment process. Wait for Azure to validate and create your Databricks workspace.

Create the Workspace

7. Access Your Workspace: Once the deployment is complete, go back to the Azure Portal dashboard. Click on your new Databricks workspace to access it.

 Access Your Workspace

Get started



You've successfully created your Azure Databricks workspace. This powerful environment is ready for your big data analytics and collaborative projects. Now you can explore the tools and features Databricks offers to streamline your data engineering and data science tasks.

Creating an Azure Databricks workspace is a simple yet impactful step toward unlocking the potential of big data. Start harnessing the power of Databricks for your projects today.

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