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  • Querying Cosmos DB In Azure Databricks Using Cosmos DB Spark Connector2/17/2019 11:36:45 PM. We will create a Cosmos DB service using SQL API and query the data in our existing Azure Databricks Spark cluster using Scala notebook. We use Azure Cosmos DB Spark Connector for this.
  • What Is Azure Databricks?1/18/2019 2:25:20 AM. Learn what Azure Databricks is. Azure Databricks is a fast, easy and collaborative Apache Spark based analytics platform optimized for Azure.
  • Querying Azure SQL Databases In Databricks Spark Cluster8/27/2018 9:29:51 AM. We will see the entire steps for creating an Azure Databricks Spark Cluster and querying data from Azure SQL DB using JDBC driver. Later we will save one table data from SQL to a CSV file.
  • An Overview Of Azure Databricks Cluster Creation8/24/2018 11:02:37 AM. We will cover the steps for creating Azure Databricks workspace and configure a Spark cluster. Later we will create a simple data table from an existing CSV file and query the data using SQL notebook.
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