Azure Data Factory - Integration Runtimes

Azure Data Factory

To work on any Data Factory pipeline, you need to specify how to connect with data stores. Integration Runtime gives the capability to specify how to connect with source and sink data stores and is a computing infrastructure

Types of IRs

In ADF, there are three types of IRs.

  1. Azure IR aka Auto-Resolve Integration Runtime
  2. Self-Hosted Integration Runtime
  3. SSIS Integration Runtime

Azure IR

Azure or Auto-Resolve IR is generally used to connect with Azure services on public endpoints or via Managed VNET on a private endpoint. It provides a computer to connect with cloud data stores. For example: Connecting to Azure Data Lake Storage can be done via Azure IR

Self-Hosted IR

This is specifically used to connect with data stores in private or on-premises networks. A few things need to be managed by users like the installation and linking of the SHIR tool in the on-premises host machine. SHIR also requires JRE to be available on the host machine. For example, if you want to connect to MS SQL Server or Oracle SQL Server then your choice should be Self-Hosted IR


This is specifically used for as-is lift and shift of SSIS packages on the cloud. They are a set of Azure VMs where the SSIS packages will be executed. This is one of the least used IRs compared with the rest two. Synapse Analytics workspace doesn't support SSIS IR

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