Workflow Foundation
Welcome to Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find articles, source code samples, tutorials, tips, resources, downloads, and news related to Windows Workflow Foundation in .NET 3.0.


  • How We Can Avoid 8 Nested Levels Of Conditions In MS Flow

    In this article, we will see how we can restructure our Flow and avoid getting the error of maximum 8 nested levels.
  • Workflow Designer Re-Hosting

    This article starts by explaining what designer re-hosting is, what workflow designer re-hosting is, and how it can be of benefit in dynamically editing workflows and rules.
  • Windows Workflow Foundation Fundamentals

    This article will discuss workflow, activity, how to create an activity, and how to create a workflow, how to create a workflow application, Rules and Conditions, Rules Engine, Creating a Rule Activit
  • Understanding Windows Workflow Foundation - Leave Management

    In this article you will learn work with the Window Workflow Foundation.
  • Versioning of Workflow Created using Visual Studio

    Versioning of workflow created using Visual Studio.
  • How to Attach Workflows to the Content Types?

    This blog defines the method of attaching workflows to the content types.
  • Install and Configure Workflow For SharePoint Server 2013

    This article shows how to install and configure a workflow for SharePoint Server 2013.
  • How to Debug Workflow With Workflow Manager 1.0 and Visual Studio 2012

    To debug a workflow you need to first create a workflow using Visual Studio.
  • Configuring Microsoft Workflow Manager

    The Workflow Manager Configuration wizard will help you to configure the system, as described here.
  • Installing Microsoft Workflow Manager

    Workflow manager is a multi-tenant host for running and managing Windows Workflow Foundation workflows, supporting high scale and high density execution.
  • Rules Engine in .NET

    This article provides a basic understanding of the Rules Engine for beginners .
  • Workflow 4.0 coded implemented in VS 2010

    Learn how to workflow implemented in code using visual studio 2010.
  • Decision making in Workflow 4.0

    FlowDecision is a simulation system for operational decision support in the context of work?ow management.
  • CompensatableSequence Activity in Workflow

    The CompensateSequence Activity will provide compensation only if there is any error thrown. The CompensatableSequence Activity class inherits from Sequence Activity, it can contain any number of child activities that execute in order.
  • Steps to put your Database File in Windows Form Project

    In this blog we will see how can we put our database file in window form project.
  • Chapter 8:Workflow Persistence

    This article describes workflow persistence and also examines how persistence works in windows workflow foundation(WF) world.
  • ConditionedActivityGroup in Workflow

    The ConditionedActivityGroup (CAG) activity provides condition-driven activity execution that allows us to define very flexible behavior within our workflow.
  • ReplicatorActivity in Workflow

    In this article we add a DelayActivity with a random timeout just to show that the ReplicatorActivity is really running in parallel mode.
  • Lifetime Events in Workflow

    In this article we define Lifetime Events in Workflow. WorkflowRuntime exposes a number of events we can use to detect changes in a running workflow.
  • Work with WPF in Workflow

    In this article we are using a WPF Application in Workflow.
  • FaultHandlerActivity in Workflow

    The FaultHandlerActivity has a FaultType property. This property represents the type of exception we want to catch.
  • Rule Condition Editor in Workflow

    A rule set is a collection of rules that can be executed and validated as a group.
  • Activity Library in Workflow

    In this article we will be using a Workflow Application in the Microsoft Activities library.
  • Work with XAML in Workflow

    XAML is used for the initializing structured values and objects. With the help of this article we learn how we can use XAML in Workflow.
  • CallExternalMethod Activity in Workflow

    The CallExternalMethod Activity is used to send data from Workflow to a Host application through the local service.
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