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  • ASP.NET MVC 5 - DocuSign - Sign On A Document And Track Envelopes12/7/2018 8:50:44 AM. In this article, we will track the Envelope status to find out whether the Recipient(s) signed or not on the particular document using envelope id.
  • ASP.NET MVC 5 - DocuSign - Get And Store Envelop Information Into Database Using EF11/11/2018 10:15:13 AM. In this Article, I will demonstrate how to maintain the envelop information in our database using Entity Framework
  • Cryptography in Microsoft.NET Part II: Digital Envelop and Digital Signatures10/1/2012 8:59:24 AM. Part-I of this article covered cryptography in the context of encryption. This part continues from where part-I left. It assumes that the reader understands the purpose of encryption, knows about the two types of encryption namely asymmetric encryption and symmetric encryption and the fundamental differences between them. It also assumes that the reader understands encryption-decryption classes in System.Security.Cryptography namespace and the stream based encryption model in. NET framework class library (FCL).
  • Introduction to SOAP5/20/2012 7:52:12 AM. Since the release I have been fascinated with this thing called SOAP, This bubbly new protocol backed by the power of XML is certainly going to make waves in the world of distributed computing. The first thing which comes into our mind is “Why the heck we didn’t think of this before?