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  • Nullable Types in C#: Basic Introduction8/31/2022 9:05:11 AM. This article gives a quick view in to the problems faced with the value type objects and the solution to the problems. This beautiful facility is introduced by Microsoft as an concept called ‚ÄúNullable
  • Introduction to .Net Framework 2.0 Nullable Types8/24/2022 8:59:41 AM. Sometimes you work with a value type that does not have a defined value in certain circumstances. For example, a field in a database might need to distinguish between having been assigned a meaningful
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  • Nullable Types in C#6/8/2019 1:40:08 AM. A C# nullable type is a data type is that contain the defined data type or the value of null. This article explains the use of C# Nullable Types.
  • Deep Dive to Nullable Types in C#6/29/2017 1:12:24 AM. Here you will learn about the C# Nullable Type. Nullable Type is a value type but it has features of both Reference and Value type. Nullable Type has the capability to hold a value or can have a null
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  • Introduction to .Net Framework 2.0 Nullable Types in VB.NET11/9/2012 6:33:48 AM. Sometimes you work with a value type that does not have a defined value in certain circumstances.
  • New features in C# 2.010/13/2012 5:19:59 AM. In this article, I will learn about and use the new features in C# 2.0 added by the Microsoft designers, such as generics, anonymous methods, partial types, static classes, nullable types, and limiting access to properties.
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  • C# 2.0 Feature: Nullable Types12/17/2005 6:26:51 AM. C# 2.0 allows you to assign null values to primitive types including boolean and integer, which wasn't possible in previous version of C#.
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