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  • Writing HTML Content to the Screen in Word Document Format In a Server1/8/2014 2:17:51 PM. This article explains a smple way to create a Microsft Word document representation of some HTML in a server.
  • Stock Paper Trader in C# and .NET9/30/2012 6:04:07 AM. The attached source code project is a paper trading application that allows you to place imaginary trades on real data. I thought this would be fairly easy to duplicate having already written a stock capturing program into Excel.
  • Talking to the Outside World in Excel 20038/30/2006 12:38:33 AM. This code sample shows how to connect to the internet inside of Excel 2003. The idea is when the workbook opens the code behind the workbook searches for quotes on NASDAQ and then populates the spreadsheet with the data.
  • Using C# .NET in Excel 20031/9/2006 1:01:26 AM. This article shows how you can take advantage of Visual Studio 2003 tools to write .NET applications that work with Office 2003.
  • A Macro for Creating Properties from Private Fields1/7/2006 6:31:47 AM. Macros are a useful way of speeding up your coding efforts, however writing them can be a somewhat daunting task. Luckily, .NET gives you a pretty powerful recording feature for recording macros from key strokes.
  • Leveraging on XML feature of Microsoft Office Word 20031/7/2006 5:42:57 AM. Word 2003 came up with a new feature of saving the conventional word document (.doc) files in the XML format. You can retrieve the information inside the Word 2003 documents by using the XPath queries and some logic.
  • Adding Picture To Button On OutLook CommandBar1/7/2006 2:30:01 AM. This article describes the process to add a picture on a button on an Outlook Commandbar while using Explorer or Inspector.
  • Generating Excel Reports using ASP.NET and C#1/7/2006 2:12:58 AM. This article and code snippet shows how to generate Excel reports from ASP.NET using Excel objects in .NET Framework.