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  • Random Class in Java10/15/2019 10:50:04 PM. Random class is used to generate pseudo-random numbers in java. An instance of this class is thread-safe. The instance of this class is however cryptographically insecure.
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  • Animate with Pocket PC10/1/2012 7:46:36 AM. If you are lucky enough to get the Smart Devices Extensions you will finally be able to target devices like Pocket PCs using C# however like all good things there are a few snags.
  • Generate Random Password in ASP.NET3/3/2012 7:31:36 PM. Here, we will see how to generate random passwords in ASP.NET. Random numbers may be generated in the .NET Framework using the Random class.
  • Chart Recorder1/31/2007 7:03:42 AM. This is chart recorder program developed using C# and GDI+.
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  • Creating Word Find Pzzules in C# and GDI+9/1/2006 6:16:12 AM. In the past I have been guilty of trying a few of word find puzzles myself, so I figured why not give it a go it .NET. The Word Find creator reads a MSDE database of Words and Categories.
  • Graphics Animation Sample12/26/2005 11:24:20 PM. After finishing a text program (lottery) its time for some fun. Everytime a have to work with a new language.I write a small program to bounce some balls in a box.
  • Charting in GDI+12/26/2005 6:44:23 AM. Here is an example of creating simple charts using GDI+ commands in C#. I have used the random class to create 5 random percentage values. I then use GDI+ to plot these values on a chart.
  • Mark Six on the Fly12/26/2005 6:33:52 AM. In this sample, I demonstrate how a WebForm can be called directly as an Image.
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