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  • Web User Controls in ASP.Net9/4/2018 2:19:41 AM. Steps how to use web user controls. Web user controls are derived from System.Web ..UI.UserControl namespace. These controls once created, can be added to the aspx page either at design time or progra
  • Building WebParts in ASP .Net 2.010/13/2012 2:02:07 AM. Web Parts is a framework built into ASP.NET 2.0 for building highly customizable portal-style pages. End users can customize Web Parts pages by changing the page layout, adding and removing Web Parts, editing Web Parts properties, establishing connections between Web Parts, and more. I would like to share how to build web parts in ASP .Net 2.0. I am providing the source code of application as well.
  • Creating a Web User Control in .NET10/13/2006 2:06:51 AM. One of our C# Corner readers gave me the idea of converting my Add/Remove Control from a Windows Form control to a User Web Control, so we will use this control as an example for this tutorial