Implementing Arithmetic Calculations in GridView

I came across this functionality where I need a simple arithmetic calculation in two columns of a GridView.

So, let's start with it.

Step 1

We would first create a simple ASP.NET Web Application and add a blank page to it.

Web Application

add a blank page

Step 2

Now add an ASP.NET GridView to the page and provide the following columns to it. Now, the fields would be Bound Fields except the one using that we are selecting the required operator.


Now, we add some dummy data to this GridView on the page load of the page so as to proceed.

After this the screen looks as in the following:

Now we add a button called a Compute Button to the page. After selecting the operator, when the user clicks the compute button, value1 and value2 would be computed depending on the operator and the result will be displayed in the Result column of the GridView.

The final output screen comes out to be the following:


The code works in the way such that for each row in the GridView, the value1 and value2 are taken and operated on and the same is then displayed in the Result Column. On clicking the button, the output appears to be the following:

To provide more insight into the code, I have attached the solution to this article. I hope it helped you.

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