Reasons to choose ASP.NET MVC over ASP.NET

Why user will prefer ASP.NET MVC in place of simple ASP.NET webforms

This question has many solid reasons to answer as there are too many benefits as any application has three phases i.e Model, View and Controller which means these three things plays an essential roll in the development of any application hence to make the development more rich and easy to control or in other words the most important thing is to check whether the thing which we are developing is correct or not for this purpose MVC provides TDD that is test driven development.

Now here are the solid reason to choose ASP.NET MVC


Reason 1: First reason to choose ASP.NET MVC is separation of concerns which provides more understandable, rich and highly efficient design that makes it easy to work on.


Reason 2 : Second reason to choose ASP.NET MVC for development  is more effective control as user thinks that to control the html page is a tough job but in case of MVC it is not so as it provide effective control on html pages.

Reason 3 : Third reason to choose MVC along with ASP.NET is that it provide development along with testing and on the other hand when user is developing an application in ASP.NET only then user can't do so. This solid reason  helps user to overcome the unexpected outcome of the developed application while developing it.


Reason 4 : Now next reason to choose MVC is search engine optimization as routing in MVC depends on user he/she can choose the route according to his/her requirement hence the url so formed will be easy to understand and can be searched easily by the other user after release of web application.

public static void RegisterRoutes(RouteCollection routes)
// Route name
        "{controller}/{action}/{id}", // URL with parameters
          new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", id = UrlParameter.Optional } // Parameter defaults

Reason 5 : Last but not the least reason to choose MVC is that it provide more interactive interface hence user can use it very easily and it can be combined with different tools also in other words it provides easy interaction to other application also.




Some problem with simple webforms are also one of the reason to choose MVC

  • As simple webform develop in ASP.NET uses postback which consume 20 kb more.
  • It also has problem with the efficiency.
  • Wastage of time during debugging. 
  • Development in case of simple webforms depends on events.