My Very First Experience With C# Corner Kolkata: Kolkata Geeks

In this article, I would like to capture my first experience as a C# Corner chapter member in Kolkata.

“Share Your Knowledge; It is the Best Way To Achieve Immortality”


-Dalai Lama

5th January 2013

This is what I felt when I had my first C# Corner Chapter Meet.


I had traveled a few hundred miles from Durgapur to Kolkata to be there, to meet the chapter members and attend the chapter event. 

Actually, I was very excited to see Abhishek Sur and Nitesh Luharuka for the very first time. You can’t believe that, in my first glance to the gate I saw Mr. Abhishek Sur in a bright white shirt, and said to myself, “Dude, He looks fairer than his profile picture ;)”.

Then, I managed to complete the official registration process to get into the building. After a while, I was there inside a seminar room that was nearly full and many more were still yet to come.

This chapter meet was all new to me. I tried to recognize the faces to see if I know any of them. Then, I saw Shahnawaz Alam who is one of my Facebook friends.

Within a minute, Nitesh Sir entered the room with the always smiling gesture on his face. And, it feels so delightful to see your C# moderator over your eyes.

After a bit of confusion about the Projector’s port, we had started the session with Windows Azure given by Sumantro Mukherjee. Meanwhile, we are adjusting our chair to fit everyone in the crowded room.

It seems like the stack is overloaded with data ;).

I only know the very basics of Azure. What I knew was "Windows Azure is a Microsoft Cloud Service that enables an end user to keep their data on a specific Cloud". That was known to everyone, I guess.

During a long presentation, we became familiar with many terms, like PaaS, IaaS ,SaaS, BLOBs and many more. Get inside the Service, Security, Credential Issues, Life Span, Pricing Model, Advantage, and Disadvantage, and Usage Model. Within that, we had some frequently asked questions session that was explained by Sumantro or Abhishek Sir or Nitesh Sir.

In fact, Nitesh Sir’s logical examples were unmatchable. You can’t predict those examples in any of the books. And, those examples were applauded by all.

The presentation was about two hours long. After some light moments, we again started a new session. At this time Abhishek Sir himself provided a Question-Answer Session where we were allowed to ask anything inside his scope.

I was a fascinated C# Corner member and most of the time I see Knockout.js articles are in the Featured Section. Before, I could control my anxiety.

I asked, “What actually is JavaScript and how is it related to Knockout.js?”.

And, I was quite convinced by the answer. Then, Sajid Hossain asked about the difference between Async and Await. In that manner, the Question Session continued for more than an hour.

At last we arrived at the Goodies distribution section where we were asked a few questions by the all pro geeks Abhishek Sir, Nitesh Sir, Sumantro and Abhishek Nandy. All of us tried to answer the questions and the most deserving got their goodies, what they wanted. I even tried to answer a few but it was tough luck for me.

In between, Nitesh Sir has asked a question that, “Why are you guys here, is it for the Seminar, is it for the Goodies, or anything else”.

At that point, I had no answer but when I arrived home, I got my answer.

It’s not only the excitement of meeting the C# Corner’s members that drove me to be there. It’s because, I want some positive energy from you guys that are there. I met so many ionate developers there, who are just awesome in their way. I want to name them: Abhsihek Nandy, Sourav Lohati, Shahnawaz Alam, Sumantro, Nitesh Sir and off course, Abhisihek Sir.

I saw you guys and just wanted to be like you. I now have a greater urge to learn things quickly, Now I want to learn JavaScript, Now I am keen to learn about MVVM , and I want to deploy my own applications on Windows Azure.

This is my answer, I just get there to inspire myself from your energy level.

And, at last I want to provide tons of thanks to C# Corner for giving such a platform where we actually nurture and inspire ourselves. So, that we can make some dent in the near future.
By the way, I want to share a line,

“If you have an attitude of sharing,
Then you will put your code in a DLL file ): ”

- Nitesh Luharuka