The Future of C++

Everything needs to be improved, modified or updated with change in the coarse of time, because we all know a well-known fact:

“Be updated otherwsie you will become outdated..”

In our computer science world the same things happen with technologies, languages and so on. These abstract things also must be updated or modified in order to maintain the interest and affection of programmers towards it.

In the same scenario several updating process have occurred in several sets of languages, especially Object Oriented Programming languages. Luckily C++ is one of these object-oriented languages.

What’s New | C++

So basically what’s new in C++ is not a mystery anymore. So the main focus of the updates to C++ are as follows:

  • C++ at ISO: ISO C++ Update
  • C++ at MSFT: Visual C++ Update

C++ at ISO | ISO Update

So the new changes in C++ according to the ISO updates are:

  • WG21
  • {concurrency, parallelism}


Functionality Diagram | C++

Functionality Diagram

Milestone in Updating Procedure | C++

  • In April 2013, for the first time C++14’s feature set is known: C++14 is feature-complete.
    Now in primary international comment ballot.
  • This ISO C++ revision cycle:


    Milestone in Updating Procedure

  • Less monolithic: From the context of monolithic we can explain two basic factors that are available in ISO: C++, they are:

    Delivering concurrent
    Decoupled library
    Language extensions
    Less monolithic

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