Saving DropDownList Selected Value Across PostBack in MVC

Let's see how we get a drop down list with the selected value across the post back.

This article is a continuation of my previous article on Populating a Dropdown list in ASP.NET MVC 2 using Entity Framework 4 @

Here I will demonstrate how to get a drop down list with the selected value across the Post back.

We will see how to keep the selected item as selected once we submit the page.

I will be referring to database, Models, Views and Controllers used in my previous article @ ( and even the code discussed below will be an addition to the existing sample of the previous article.

1. Update Controllers

  • Open the HomeController.cs file from Controllers folder
  • Include the Action Result method for Submit where we get the selected value of State drop down and repopulate our dropdownlist.

        public ActionResult Index(IndexViewModel postmodel)

            string ddlState_SelectedStateValue = Request.Form["ddlStateId"];
            IList<SelectListItem> iselectList_States = objRepository.GetStateName();
            postmodel.StateValue = new SelectList(iselectList_States, "Value", "Text", ddlState_SelectedStateValue).ToList();
            return View(postmodel);


2. Update Views

  • Open Index.aspx from Views -> Home -> Views folder.

    ->Include a Submit Button

3. Compile and Run the Project.

Select a State Value and Click Submit


  • We can see across Post back – our drop drop down list gets repopulated with the last selected value.


I have attached the Code for this Sample application.

Happy Learning!