Track Historical Changesets in Visual Studio 2013 Right to the Method Level

Hello Friends,

I wanted to introduce you to one of my most favorite features of Visual Studio 2013 preview. 
At times it becomes really necessary to understand the history of a code block. 

Apart from understanding what it does, you also need to understand who worked on it before you and what they changed. In a nutshell, you need to understand the changesets. Here comes the Visual Studio 2013 new feature called "CodeLens" (Code Information Indicators).
What codeLense does
They decorate your methods with metadata available from TFS and your project Metadata to show the changeset details of that particular method. 
You can check information in a glance, like the change ID, Changeset Details, Author and the date of when the method was last changed.
Here is a screenshot courtesy of

The decorators are available on all methods by default and hovering over them presents you with rich historical details in a glance.  
This comes handy especially when you need to know not only the logic, but also the historical changes to asses your own changes. 
Isn't it supercool? What do you think of this feature? Please share with us in comments below. 

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