How to Use Clone Article Feature in C-Sharp Corner


This article explains how to use the Clone Article feature in C# Corner.

Sometimes when you are writing an article to publish you may want to use your previous article format or content. Previously what you did was copy, paste and edit the article . But this new feature provides you the ability to use your previous article as a template for your new article. This is very useful when you want similar content of your existing article.


The following is the procedure.

Step 1: Here in the following screen I am showing my article list from which I will use one of them as a clone or template for my new article.

Open that article and see in the following screen you will  find a button to Clone the article. Click on that.


Now your article is cloned and it will be directly opened in the Content Publisher as a template. Now you can use it for your new article.


Or you can check it in your My Account menu and use it as a template.



You can only clone your Published Articles.